We need you! Volunteering is a need Cole Canyon depends on. With fiscal budget cuts and larger classroom sizes our children’s school experience is more dependent on volunteers than ever. We need active participants to help ensure our children’s education, it takes lots of hands. Join the PTC's next event committee, creating memories that your child will remember forever. Come to our General meeting on August 23rd 2018 starting at 8:45am, Please come anytime.  







Come join the team. There is always a need for parents to help. Do you have a talent? Can you bake, or build? Do you love to decorate or help get donations? There are many ways to get involve. Click on the Contact tab and let us know how you would like to volunteer your talent.

Thanks to all of you who donated to the bake sale for the dances this morning if you have not and haven't fired up your oven yet to make those baked goods please consider bottled water, we need much more and small plates and a few bags of ice. If you are able to bring these items by noon that would help us know what we are lacking and can send out another email. It looks amazing in the MPR! There are plenty of tickets available for the 4:30 dance so come on down! The creativity of all the scarecrows is inspiring.


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